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Basic Landscape Shrub Care

Every beautiful landscape should contain shrubs. Knowing how to care for them is extremely important in keeping a lovely property.


  • In the very early spring before your shrubs begin to wake up, it’s time to prune (except for lilacs, rhododendrons, azaleas, or any early spring blooming shrubs- you must wait until later in the spring right after they bloom before you prune). Prune away old and dead growth, broken branches, and clip back shrubs to appropriate sizes.


  • In the spring, mulch around the bases of all shrubs with a compost and top dress your shrubs with the mulch you use in the rest of your landscape. Keep mulches away from the base stems and trunks of shrubs (it can rot stems and trunks of shrubs).


  • After your early spring blooming shrubs have bloomed, prune them. Do it right away after they’ve finished blooming, before they form their next year’s flower buds. Remove all dead wood, disease, and prune back to appropriate sizes.


  • Before it begins to really heat up in the summer, fertilize newer young shrubs as appropriate.


  • In the summer, water your shrubs as needed.


  • In the fall, topdress around the bases of shrubs with compost again and freshen decorative mulch as needed too.


  • Plant new shrubs in the fall, and move existing shrubs in the fall too.

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