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There are some advice regarding avoiding mosquitoes biting you. Here are some tips you should consider if you decide to spend your summer evenings outdoors:


Mosquito Beater Tip #1 – Avoid peak mosquito feeding times!

The most common mosquito species feed at dawn and dusk and a few hours into the night, while some aggressive species feed all day. Avoid peak feeding times to reduce your risk of getting bit. Stay indoors once the sun sets, or else you’ll become a perfect dinner for these buzzing pests!


Mosquito Beater Tip #2 – Wear light clothing!

Dark clothing is more attractive to mosquitoes than light outfits. Why? “Mosquitoes have problems flying in even a slight wind, and so they keep close to the ground.” Down there, according to Time magazine, mosquitos spot hosts by comparing your silhouette to the horizon. Dark colors stand out, while light shades blend in.


Mosquito Beater Tip #3 – Reduce the number of mosquitoes by removing or treating standing water!

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water that is stagnant, shallow and high in organic matter. They complete three stages of their life cycle in the water (egg, larva and pupa) in about 4 to 14 days.

As a result, standing water must remain stagnant for a minimum of 4 days in order to support the mosquito’s life cycle.


Elimination of potential mosquito breeding sites is the primary control measure used to reduce mosquito populations:


  • Treat water with mosquito dunks. Mosquito dunks slowly release Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis (BT) in water. BT is toxic for mosquitoes but considered safe for humans.
  • Remove any objects that may collect water
  • Place screen with small holes over rain barrels
  • Use a pump or fountain in ponds to aerate the water
  • Replace any standing water in pools or bird baths once a week



Mosquito Beater Tip #4 – Provide habitat for natural mosquito predators!

Invite guests to your home that are natural predators of mosquitoes to help reduce the population. These include:

Hang bird feeders, build a bat house, invert broken terracotta pots to make frog houses, and add a few fish to the pond. All of these amazing creatures will help control your mosquito population.


Mosquito Beater Tip #5 – Use herbs and essential oils that repel mosquitoes!

Several herbs and some flowers have been known to repel mosquitoes and other biting insects. Herbs make a great addition to any yard or garden because they are visually pleasing, can be used in cooking, and ultimately repel biting insects.

Consider planting plants from mint family like lemon balm, catnip, peppermint or plant basil, lavender, citronella and rosemary. If you wish to add some flowers which also have some mosquitoes repelling effects, get some marigolds, pennyroyals or geraniums too!


Finally, once you gather all these information, you’ll realize that there are weapons efficient enough to eradicate these biting vermin away from your home and your backyard. So, try remembering them once the summer arrives and you’ll see if the battles can be won.


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