When will I get my order?

All the orders of our products are shipped within 24 hours after the clear payment. We ship only on week days.


How can I pay for my order?

You can purchase our products either via PayPal or one of the allowed credit cards. Those include Visa, American Express, JCB, MasterCard, Discover or Diners Club Card.


How much does shipping cost?

All the shipping costs are automatically calculated at the end of the purchase. Follow instruction to reach check out to get information regarding exact shipping cost. Natural ProTech offers free shipping to purchases exceeding $45 throughout the USA.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Natural ProTech aims to sell products worldwide, therefore we do ship internationally.


Do you have return policy?

Yes. If you are, with any reason whatsoever, unsatisfied with the product you purchased, you are welcome to return the item within 60 days period. The product must be sent back in its original packaging. More details at return policy page


What shipping methods do you use?

Natural ProTech uses either USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS (United Parcel Service).


Why it's important that products are deet free?

Deet is most common and widespread substance in insect repellents. The use of deet causes skin irritation, rashes , nausea and dizziness and is toxic for human skin. We choose to provide you deet free and natural mosquito repellents and bug repellents to ensure your health is on the first place. Roach traps are toxic  free, eco-friendly and pet safe as well.


What are the natural materials that you use?

Most of our products consist of use of lavender oil, geranium oil, peppermint oil and citronella oil. We provide natural moth deterrents and natural mosquito repellents. There are no toxic compounds. If you have questions about details regarding our repellents, electric traps and products in overall, feel free to contact our customer support and we will be happy to assist you.


Is there a discount for purchasing multiple products at once?

We often have various promotions and coupons for you to use, so make sure you sign up for our e mail newsletter for the latest discounts.


How can I contact you?

Feel free to send us message on our contact page or call 862-345-6611. We are available during weekdays from 9AM-5PM.

You can send us a message on the contact page or call 862-345-6611. We are available M-F 9-5 CST